A gift from us to you

30 November, 2023-16 December, 2023

Looking for a little extra magic this Christmas?

Be rewarded with up to $50 in digital gift cards, when you shop at Bass Hill Plaza. 

To claim your reward, simply;

  • Spend $50 or more in speciality stores or $100 in majors.
  • Visit the redemption space near ALDI from 11am until 2pm from Thursday to Saturday weekly!
  • Present your receipts to our helpful elf and provide your details.
  • Select a bauble and reveal your prize ($10, $20 & $50 digital gift cards available)

Note: Your reward will be issued to your mobile device, Vault Payments will deliver a digital pre-paid Vault gift card to arrive to your mobile phone. Once you have followed the steps to activate, you can make purchases in-store using the mobile’s “tap and go” function.

Where can I spend to claim my $10 digital gift card?

Where can I spend my $10 digital gift card?

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